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List of available courses, BA (2017-18)

List of available courses 2017/18, Department of Linguistics

All courses, except LING1000, are assessed by 100% coursework. Coursework assessment may take a variety of formats, including projects, term-papers, essays, portfolios, class tests, and student presentations.

All are taught as one-semester courses. Course availability is subject to staffing considerations.

Timetable for Semester 1 and Semester 2 please click on the hyperlink.


First Year Course

Introduction to Language – LING1000
Language structure for language learning – LING1004 


Introductory Courses

All courses have LING1000 ‘Introduction to language’ as their prerequisite.

Phonetics: Describing sounds (Core) – LING2004
Languages of the World – LING2009
Psycholinguistics – LING2034
Grammatical Description – LING2050 
Sociolinguistics – LING2056


Advanced Courses

Computational Linguistics - LING2001 
Semantics: Meaning and Grammar – LING2003
Pragmatics – LING2022
Phonology: An Introduction to the Study of Sound Systems – LING2027
Morphological Theory – LING2030
Syntactic Theory – LING2032
Bilingualism – LING2037
Languages in Contact – LING2040
Topics in Cantonese Linguistics – LING2058
Writing Systems – LING2059
Linguistics Fieldwork – LING2061
Linguistic Research Method – LING2062
Capstone Courses

Extended Essay – LING3002
Linguistics Field Trip – LING3003
Advanced Topics in Reading, Language and Cognition – LING3005


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