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Emergence in Phonology & Morphology

The Tone Group

The linguistic use of tone is a fascinating topic because it cross cuts all domains of linguistics. It is of particular interest in Hong Kong because of the importance of tone in the various Sinitic languages spoken in the region. Individuals took responsibility for identifying a paper of interest and presenting it to the group for discussion. We explored tone from the perspective of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, as well as neurolinguistics, reflecting the many different approaches to language in the HKU Linguistics department. Organizer: Diana Archangeli


The Emergence Group

Emergent Grammar hypothesizes that much of language can be acquired from the data without appeal to a genetic predisposition specifically designed for language. In this group, we examined the conceptual setting for the model as well as consequences of this approach for both phonology and morphophonology. Our explorations included both discussions of readings and attempts to analyze morphophonological patterns within the model. Organizer: Diana Archangeli


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