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Documentary Linguistics – Asian Perspectives (6-9 April 2016)
- Hong Kong Language Documentation Centre (KongDoc)

Wed 06 Apr 2016, 9:00 am

Documentary Linguistics – Asian Perspectives (6-9 April 2016)


The field of Language Documentation and Description (LDD) has been growing in recent years in Europe, the Americas, and Australia. It is, however, still in its early stages of development in the Asian region. The Department of Linguistics of The University of Hong Kong is deeply involved in the study, analysis and description of languages of East, South and Southeast Asia (ESSA). This includes larger, smaller and endangered languages, as well as contact languages.

With this conference, we aim to focus on a documentary approach to languages of the Asian region. We aim to discuss and develop new perspectives for the description and documentation of Asian languages and uses of the resulting data and analyses. As part of our drive to develop documentary linguistics at HKU, we will host a 4-day event: the first two days will offer an intensive workshop in LDD training; the latter two days will be dedicated to a symposium on documentary linguistics.

When: 6-9 April 2016
Where: Department of Linguistics, University of Hong Kong
Deadline for abstracts: 15 August 2015
Notification of acceptance: 1 October 2015

Workshop (6-7 April 2016)
The 2-day workshop will feature 4 modules aimed at graduate students, young practitioners as well as colleagues involved in the development of LDD in the region. Topics include:
1. Fundamentals of theory and practice in LDD
2. Sociolinguistic fieldwork
3. Roundtable on revitalization
4. Roundtable on teaching and learning of LDD

Symposium (8-9 April 2016)
The 2-day symposium focuses on the sharing of experiences, ongoing projects and current developments in the field of documentary linguistics in East, Southeast and South Asia especially. Graduate students and early career documentarists are particularly welcome to share their work.

Workshop talks and activities will be run by a team from the Department of Linguistics (HKU), the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project (School of Oriental and African Studies), the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), and the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia (Mahidol University).

The event is free of charge.

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