Grad students


Arthur Lewis Thompson

I am a final year PhD student working on an approach which explains disparities in phonological structure of sound symbolism cross-linguistically. To develop this approach, I am looking at Japanese, English, as well as Chinese languages, such as Chaoyang (Chaozhou), Mandarin, and Cantonese. One of my main interests is how people use language to encode or imitate gestures, sounds, and events from the real-world. Research which focuses on how linguistic structure influences phonological acquisition or the phonological behavior of tone is also something I find myself drawn to. In LDL, I am working on both the morphological priming study as well as the phonological study looking at biases in child language acquisition.



Tingyu Huang

I am a second year PhD student working on L2 phonological learning. I am interested in both L1 and L2 transfer. One of my main interest is how learning biases influence the acquisition of L2 sound patterns, in particular, segmental and tonal alternations. I am looking at segmental alternations among Chinese learners of English as well as tone sandhi patterns in Chinese dialects. Currently, I am working on a study that investigates biases in tone learning.


Marcelo Robert Sevilla

I am a first year MPhil planning to research the morpho-phonology of certain Xiang dialects of Chinese, exploring the function of a particular grammatical marker. My recently completed MA dissertation involved OT applications to the phonological history of the Xiang dialect of Qidong. My main current interests include Hunanese varieties of Sinitic and their derivation from Middle Chinese. Other areas of interest include phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax, diachronic development of the Sinitic and Semitic languages, philology, and language documentation (particularly of Andean languages).