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LING2003 Semantics: Meaning and Grammar

Prof. Stephen Matthews

Advanced Course (4-year curriculum)/Senior course (3-year curriculum). Sem 1, 6 credits
Venue: CPD-LG.07, Tuesday, 16:30-18:20

Course Description

This course focuses on structural and cognitive aspects of meaning which are relevant to the description and theory of grammar. Examples will be drawn from Cantonese, Mandarin and English together with some other European and Asian languages.

Course Details

Syllabus To be announced
Assessment Tutorial assignments: 3: 30%
Midterm quiz: 25%
Final quiz: 25%
Attendance and participation: 20%
Tutorials To be announced
Textbook Riemer, Nick. 2010. Introducing Semantics. Cambridge University Press.
Additional References Hurford, J., Heasley, B. and M. Smith. 1983/2007 Semantics: a Coursebook. Cambridge University Press.
Cruse, Alan. 2004. Meaning in Language: An Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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