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LING2023 Discourse Analysis


Advanced Course (4-year curriculum)/Senior course (3-year curriculum). Sem , 6 credits


Course Description

In the last fifty years or so, ‘discourse’ and ‘discourse analysis’ (DA) have firmly established themselves as the key notions in many academic disciplines, including linguistics, literary studies, communication studies, and social sciences, to name a few. As a consequence, there currently exist at least 40 ‘tribes and sub-tribes’ of discourse analysis, with new approaches still appearing and older approaches being re-conceptualized. This course aims at, first, providing the students with an accessible introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of discourse analysis, and, second, taking them through a step-by step process of doing discourse analysis. The particular focus of the course is on introducing the students to the analysis of language in use that is context-specific use of language in written, spoken and multimodal communication. Examples for the course will be drawn from different authentic discourses, such as everyday conversations, media, politics, business and healthcare encounters, with some of the examples coming from the sociocultural context of Hong Kong.

Course Details

Assessment  100% coursework
Textbook  All reading can be found on the HKU Moodle
Internet links  We will explore internet links together as the course moves along

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