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LING2050 – Grammatical Description

Dr. Cathryn Donohue and Dr. Joseph Perry

Introductory Course (4-year curriculum)/Senior course (3-year curriculum). Sem 1, 6 credits
Venue: CPD-2.42, Friday, 9:30-11:20

Course Description

This course aims at giving the student a comprehensive introduction to basic concepts used in the description of morphology and syntax, independent of any model of grammar. Exercises accompany the topics introduced. Example analyses are drawn from various languages. The following topics in morphology and syntax will be covered: words, morphemes and morphs, word classes, immediate constituents, phrase structure, functional relations, and sentence structure.

Course materials will be provided by the lecturer.

Prerequisite: LING1001 (3-year curriculum) / LING1000 (4-year curriculum)

Course Details

Assessment 100% coursework
Textbook Maggie Tallerman. 2011. Understanding Syntax (3rd edition). London: Hodder


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