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LING2057 Language Evoluation


Advanced Course (4-year curriculum)/Senior course (3-year curriculum). Sem , 6 credits


Course Description

Questions concerning the origins and evolution of language and relevant learning mechanisms in humans to process language arise naturally after one learns the fundamental features of language in semantics, phonetics, syntax, pragmatics and other aspects. These questions belong to the realm of evolutionary linguistics, which has recently become resurgent in academics, partially due to the involvement and application of knowledge and techniques from a variety of disciplines besides linguistics. This course will provide a general introduction of evolutionary linguistics, covering the knowledge in general and evolutionary linguistics. Following an interdisciplinary perspective, the course will also introduce the fundamental knowledge of some relevant disciplines that could shed light on language origin and evolution, including archaeology and anthropology, comparative evidence between humans and other animals, genetics, neuro- and psycho-linguistics, and computer simulation and human experiences exploring the origin of communication systems.

Course Details

Assessment  100% coursework
Textbook  All reading can be found on the HKU Moodle
Internet links  We will explore internet links together as the course moves along

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