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List of available courses, MA (2016/17)

MA (2016/17) Timetable for your quick reference

Core Courses

Phonetics and Phonology – LING7004

Grammar: Theories and Applications – LING7005

Elective Courses

The History and Structure of Cantonese – LING6014
Language Development and Language Behavior – LING6017
Advanced Topics in Psycholinguistics – LING6020
Language Types and Universals – LING6021
Researching Language in Hong Kong – LING6023
Topics in Language Acquisition – LING6028
Multilingualism – LING6031
Language Structure for Teaching and Learning Languages – LING7009

Courses not on offer this year

Data-Driven Linguistic Analysis – LING6013
Grammar and Interaction – LING6019
Reading Acquisition and Developmental Dyslexia – LING6022
Current Issues in Linguistics – LING6029
Semantics – LING6032
Readings in Linguistics – LING7006

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