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     "Red Dragonfly Chinese Word-based Input Method using the Linguistic Socity of Hong Kong's Cantonese Romanization" (hereafter "Red Dragonfly Input Method") is written on the basis of research and development work carried out by Dr. K.K. Luke, Department of Linguistics, University of Hong Kong.
     "Red Dragonfly Input Method" adopts the Linguistic Socity of Hong Kong's Cantonese Romanization. In contrast to most other chinese Input Methods, "Red Dragonfly Input Method" uses the word and the short phrase as its fundamental input units. On the basis of the University of Hong Kong's Cantonese Corpus, a lexicon of some 45,000 words and short phrases has been built into the tool. In this way, the chances of homophones (words having the same pronunciation) have been greatly reduced. Also incorporated into "Red Dragonfly Input Method" is the Cantonese pronunciations of a set of commonly used characters in the Hong Kong SAR Government's Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS). These pronunciations were provided by Dr. Cheung Kwan Hin of the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who has done much research in this area. This Input Method can thus be used to type characters from the HKSCS. Particular attention is paid to the needs of new users as well as other users by taking into account the characteristics of Cantonese as well as convention of language use in Hong Kong. Homophones are arranged in order of frequency of occurrence. Other features include automatic re-arrangement of items based on actual use and user-defined strings. As an inputting system, Red Dragonfly Input Method is easy to learn, easy to use, efficient, and accurate. 
     "Red Dragonfly Input Method" is free of charge. You are welcome to download it from here. Any comments and suggestions should be sent to Dr. K.K. Luke, Department of Linguistics, University of Hong Kong ( Upgrading will be carried out from time to time. Later versions can be downloaded from this web site.




  1. Left click "Download".
  2. Indicate the path for saving the file "rdinput.exe". 
  3. Double click the downloaded file, press "OK", then indicate the path where the unzipped files will be saved, and then press the "unzip" button.
  4. Go to where the unzipped files have been saved, double click "SETUP.EXE", and then indicate the sub-directory where "Red Dragonfly Chinese Input Method" will be saved on your hard disk, and then follow the instructions to install the input method.
  5. More detailed instructions about the use of the input method can be found in the HELP file.
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Last updated on May 16, 2001