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“I came to the University of Hong Kong as a Visiting Scholar in the fall of 2014. My time there was remarkably productive, a combination of having excellent colleagues to work with and a group of interesting postgraduate students. The atmosphere in the department was conducive for productive research. Opportunities for interaction with other universities in Hong Kong also made for a stimulating intellectual environment. I will definitely be looking for ways to return to HKU in the future.”
– Douglas Pulleyblank, Professor, University of British Columbia

“When I first came from Indonesia as a PhD student, I couldn’t have imagined joining such a friendly academic community, with excellent facilities in clean, safe and peaceful surroundings. Here I like to work overtime and enjoy the astonishing view of the mountains on one side, and Hong Kong city and the sea on the other.”
- Dalan Perangin-Angin, PhD Linguistics student

“Studying linguistics at HKU is the best decision I have ever made. In the past three years, not only have I learned research skills which comes into handy for postgraduate studies, but I have also acquired communicative skills that are essential for employment. What I appreciate the most is how the professors dedicate themselves to making the courses both enjoyable and rewarding, and how they are willing to spend hours and hours discussing my academic progress as well as personal life with me. Being a student in this department means more than studying in an academic programme: this department has become my cornerstone, my haven, and my home in Hong Kong, and even though I will graduate soon, the Department of Linguistics will always be a place where I hang my heart”
- Sherry Yong Chen, BA Linguistics student

“Studying linguistics has always been a gratifying experience. HKU offers a unique experience for me to engage in the discipline. We have been encouraged to make critical reflections on our daily practice of language use, as well as observing the amazing diversity in the world. Ranging from theoretical analysis to reflections on social issues, there are always chances to meet our interests. I am particularly grateful for the regular interactions with my professors and tutors, which help to stimulate the thought-provoking discussions. Those are the memorable experiences which make my study enjoyable.”
- Patricia Kwok, BA Linguistics student

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