LING2022 Pragmatics

Mr. John Guest

Advanced Course (4-year curriculum)/Senior course (3-year curriculum). Sem 1, 6 credits
Venue: CPD-3.28, Thursday, 10:30-12:20


Course Description

People do not always say what they mean. So, how do we manage to understand each other if speakers regularly mean something other than what they say? Why don’t people just say what they mean? We shall answer these and many other questions in this course of pragmatics.

The main objectives of the course are:

* To explore how language is manipulated to convey different types of meaning;
* To learn how to respond effectively and appropriately to different meanings in natural conversation.

Some of the topics we shall be concerned with in this course include:

* The definition of pragmatics and its correlation with other disciplines;
* Different levels of meaning, speaker’s intention, interpretation and understanding of utterances;
* Context, deixis, reference;
* Speech acts;
* Conversational implicature;
* Presupposition;
* Theories of politeness.


Course Details

1) Your final grade (100%) will be comprised of:1) Mid-course quiz (30%)
2) Final assignment (60%: 10% transcript + 50% analysis)
3) Participation in the lectures and tutorials, and attendance of tutorials (10%)

Three tutorials are planned for the course. Please check your tutorial group assignment. You are requested to attend the tutorials with your group. Please note that the tutorial attendance and active participation constitutes a percentage of your final grade.

Archer, D., Aijmer, K., and Wichmann (2012). Pragmatics: a advance resource book for students. (Available at the HKU Bookshop).

Contact Information
If you need to discuss any matter relating to the course, please contact the lecturer

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