LING3003 Linguistics Field Trip

Dr. Cathryn Donohue, Mr. John Guest, Dr. Joseph Perry and Dr. Kofi Yakpo

Capstone Course (4-year curriculum)/Senior course (3-year curriculum). Sem 2, 6 credits
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Course Description

This is a required course for students majoring in General Linguistics. The field trip is technically designated as a final year course but actually begins to be taught in the year prior to your final year (i.e. 3-year curric. course in year 2, normally sem 2; 4-year curric. course in year 3, normally sem 2). Students majoring in General Linguistics should plan their courses with this in mind.

The aim of the course is to provide an opportunity for students of linguistics to have first-hand experience with languages as they are spoken and used in particular settings, and to carry out an empirical investigation on some aspect of a language ‘on-site’ (e.g. structural, cognitive, socio-cultural, or technological aspects of a language). The field trip is the best way of putting knowledge about language structure and use into practice, and forms an essential part of a linguist’s training.

To satisfy the requirements of the course, students should (1) participate in a 10-14 day field trip outside Hong Kong (e.g. to China, SE Asia, Europe, or Africa), led and supervised by members of staff; (2) carry out an empirical investigation of a linguistics topic in consultation with their supervisors; and (3) write up and hand in a report upon return from the field trip.

Government Support: Students who have financial difficulties in meeting the cost of the field trip can apply for a grant from the government via the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS).


Course Details


Attendance in the pre-trip course, participation in the field trip and a written report.


LING3003A – Nepal
Dr. Cathryn Donohue and Dr. Joseph Perry, Venue: CPD-3.25, Tuesday, 12:30-13:20

LING3003B – Europe
Mr. John Guest, Venue: CPD-3.16, Monday, 14:30-15:20

LING3003C – Africa
Dr. Kofi Yakpo, Venue: CPD-1.42, Tuesday, 12:30-13:20


Course Timeslots (3)

A – Nepal (CPD-3.25)

C - Africa (CPD-1.42)

B - Europe (CPD-3.16)